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2020-2021 School Year Enrollment Now Open!

Contactless Enrollment Instructions

All enrollment for the 2020-2021 School Year will be handled electronically.

Parents/guardians should email to request 2020-21 membership applications for each child you wish to enroll in the program.  VERY IMPORTANT: In your email, please request the “school year application” (as we are also receiving requests for summer enrollment at this time), include your first and last name as parent/guardian, and state the number of children you are seeking to enroll. We will send you one application per child.

Our staff will then send you an application via DocuSign. Date/time of application completion will be tracked via DocuSign, in the event that a site reaches capacity and we must consider applications on a first come, first served basis. IMPORTANTPlease check your Spam/Junk folder for the DocuSign document, as it often ends up there by mistake. Once your application has been completed in DocuSign, we will email an electronic invoice for the first week’s payment/enrollment fee via Square to parents/guardians. Club staff will begin sending out electronic invoices via Square on Monday, July 20th. In order to secure your slot, you must complete both the DocuSign application AND pay the Square invoice once you receive it.

In completing your child’s membership application, you must also sign off on the 2020-2021 Parent Handbook, available for review by clicking here.

Your slot is not secured until you have 1) completed the DocuSign application, 2) received and paid your Square invoice, and 3) received an official “Notification of Acceptance” email from Club staff.


In order to reserve your child’s slot for the school year, we require payment of the Registration Fee and the first Membership Fee installment. Membership Fees for the 2020-2021 School Year are as follows**:

Registration fee is a one-time fee of $40 which covers the Aug. 2020 through July 2021 period.

a. Before School Program ONLY– $1,620 (can be paid in 36 weekly installments of $45 each)
b. Before & After School Programs– $2,340 (can be paid in 36 weekly installments of $65 each)
c. After School Program ONLY– $1,980 (can be paid in 36 weekly installments of $55 each)
d. Break Periods:
• Fall Break — $75 for standard hours (7:30am-6pm); $95 for extended hours (6am-6pm).
• Thanksgiving Break (3 days) — $45 for standard hours (7:30am-6pm); $57 for extended hours (6am-6pm).
• Winter Break (6 days) — $90 for standard hours (7:30am-6pm); $114 extended hours (6am-6pm).
• Spring Break — $75 for standard hours (7:30am-6pm); $95 extended hours (6am-6pm).
Drop-ins of non-registered members are only allowed during Teacher In-Service Days and Break periods. The fee for this service is $20 per day (7:30am-6pm). Teacher In-Service Days for registered Club members are already included in the annual totals listed above. See below for more details.
f. Teen Center parents—contact Site Director Vincent Johnson for pricing, (931) 490-9401 x2607 or
g. Pulaski parents—contact Site Director Devon Yurko for pricing, (931) 424-5815 or

**These membership fees are based on the draft 2020-21 calendar shared by Maury County Public Schools on 7/10/2020. The school board is voting on the district’s return to school plan and school year calendar on 7/20/2020. Our fees may be subject to change should the school calendar change from what was posted on 7/10/2020**


Click here for more information on our Before/After School Program page.


  1. Jessica Winters 3 months ago July 20, 2020

    I am requesting a school year application, I printed one out about a month ago and went to go drop it off at one of the locations listed but it was not open and see that you all are doing them electronically now.
    Name: Jessica Winters as parent/guardian, and I am wanting to enroll my daughter, so 1 student

    • Lauren La Porte 3 months ago August 14, 2020

      Hi Jessica, if you haven’t done so already, you can email to request an application!


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