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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Locations: Before school and after school care will take place on site, at each school, in all cases except for the following schools:
    • Brown, Highland, Riverside, and McDowell Elementary students, and EA Cox and Whitthorne 5th graders, will be bused from school to our Wayne Street Unit, located at 209 Wayne Street, for after-school programming.  However, we will offer BEFORE school care on site each morning at Brown, Riverside, McDowell, and Whitthorne.
    • EA Cox and Whitthorne 6th-8th graders, Columbia Central High School, and Spring Hill High School students will be bused from school to our Teen Center, located at 210 W. 8th Street, for after-school programming (yes, our newly renovated and state of the art Teen Center will reopen to youth this school year!). However, we will offer BEFORE school care on site each morning at Whitthorne. Before care will not be offered at the high schools at this time—however, if enough demand exists, we will consider adding this service. Please contact us if you are in need of before school care at your student’s high school.
    • Mt. Pleasant Middle and High School students will combine to Mt. Pleasant Middle School for after-school programming. Before care is not currently offered at this location — however, if enough demand exists, we will consider offering this service. Please let us know if you are in need of before care for Mt. Pleasant Middle/High.
    • Currently, before care will not take place at the Unit Schools, only after school—unless enough demand exists to provide this service. Please contact us if you are in need of before school care at one of the Unit Schools.
  2. Fees: In order to reserve your child’s slot, we require payment of the one-time Registration Fee and the first week’s Membership Fee.  Membership Fees for the 2016/2017 School Year are as follows:
      1. Before School Care ONLY– $40 per week
      2. Before & After School Care– $55 per week
      3. After School Care ONLY- $50 per week
      4. Break Periods & Full Days (Fall Break, Spring Break, etc.)–$75 per week for standard hours (7:30am-5pm); $95 per week for extended hours (6am-6pm).  Single days will be charged accordingly ($15 per day for standard hours, $19 per day for extended hours).

    There is a 50% discount on the Registration Fee included for all parents who register during the month of July—thank you for enrolling your child early! The July Registration Fee will only be $15 (registration will go up to $30 on August 1st). Both the Registration Fee and the first week’s Membership Fee have been included in the total for the Memberships you will select in the online registration portal.

  3. Hours: Before school care will be offered from 6am until the school bell rings. After-school care will be offered from dismissal until 6pm.  All youth must be picked up by 6pm.  During break periods, standard hours will be 7:30am-5pm. Extended care hours will be offered from 6am-6pm.
  4. Financial Assistance: Boys & Girls Clubs of Maury County offers financial assistance for families who cannot afford the above fees.  Please note: only payments in full can be accepted online.  If you require financial assistance, you may pay the first week’s payment and registration in full in order to reserve your slot, and then contact our staff to apply for financial assistance for the rest of the school year.  Or, if you prefer, you can wait and come in when our financial assistance appointment window opens on July 18th.  All financial assistance requests are handled via a one-on-one appointment with Club staff.  Parents are asked to bring their 2015 tax statements and two recent check stubs (or alternative proof of income if these are not available) to financial assistance appointments.
  5. Drop-in Rates/Partial Weeks: Unfortunately we do not have the staffing capacity currently to accommodate unannounced drop-ins or offer a pro-rated fee for partial weeks at this time.  You will be responsible for the full week’s fee if you would like your child to attend any days during that week.  Payment is due the Friday before the week of service, as noted below.  However, we will accept single full day (i.e. teacher in-service) and/or break period only registrations (see next).  We will revisit this policy in January, after we have a better feel for the volume of enrollment at each site and the number of families in need of this service.  If you would like to take advantage of a partial week rate in the future, please notify Club staff.
  6. Break Periods/Single Days: Parents can register their children for single full days of operation (such as teacher in-service days) and/or break periods (Fall Break, Spring Break) without their child being a regular after-school member. In order to register your child for any single day or break period, please visit the site for your child’s school at least one week in advance of the day/days needed and notify the Registrar of the days you would like your child to attend.  Payment for the days requested is due in advance, and you will be required to fill out an abbreviated membership application so that we have the proper contact information, medical information and waivers on file for your child.  Please see the Fee section above for single day and break period rates.
  7. Payments: You can pay the Registration Fee and the first week’s Membership Fee through the online registration portal when you enroll your child.  Payment of both is required to reserve your child’s slot.  After that, payment will be required weekly at each site by Friday for the following week (i.e. payment for the week of August 8th must be submitted by Friday, August 5th in order for your child to attend).  A $5 late fee will be assessed for any payments not made by 6pm on Friday.  Payments will be taken directly at the sites by our Registrars.  Cash, check, credit and debit cards are accepted.  We also have the capability to set up auto-debit to your credit or debit card.  Registrars will have the forms to sign up for this available at each site during Week 1.
  8. Open & Closed Dates: The Club will be open on Fall Break, Spring Break, teacher in-service days, and some days surrounding the Thanksgiving and Winter Break periods. Our Open & Closed Dates for the 2016/2017 school year are as follows**:

    August 2-Open, Full Day
    September 2- Open, Full Day
    CLOSED Labor Day (Sep 5th)
    Fall Break, October 3-7 —Open, Full Days
    Thanksgiving Break, November 18th, 21-23—Open, Full Days
    CLOSED Nov. 24-25th (Thanksgiving)
    Winter Break: December 16th, 19-22nd, 27-29th, January 3-4th—Open, Full Days
    CLOSED  Dec. 23rd, Dec. 26th, Dec. 30th, and Jan. 2nd
    CLOSED January 16th ( MLK Day)
    February 20th (Presidents Day) —Open, Full Day
    March 13th—Open, Full Day
    Spring Break, March 27-31st —Open, Full Days
    CLOSED April 14th (Good Friday)
    **Snow Days: We will handle inclement weather situations on a case by case basis and will not necessarily be closed when MCPS is closed.  We will make every attempt to open in all locations where we feel it is safe for staff to travel to the site. Parents will be notified of Boys & Girls Clubs’ Greatness Academy status by school via MCPS all call. Full day rates will apply for snow days as listed above.

  9. Parent Orientations: Unit Directors will hold Parent Orientations at each location to introduce you to Club staff; discuss Club policies, discipline procedures, payment options, etc. in more detail; and answer questions you may have.  Attendance at a Parent Orientation by at least one parent/guardian is required under Tennessee Department of Education regulations. If you cannot make any of the group orientations, we will work with you to schedule a one-on-one meeting that works with your schedule. A parent/guardian must meet with the Unit Director for their site before their child begins attending the program.


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