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Healthy Lifestyles

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Our community’s kids are in crisis. About 42% of kids in Maury County are overweight or obese, a rate 3% higher than the state average. Tennessee ranked 10th in the nation in teen pregnancy in 2017. The 2018 teen sexually transmitted disease rate for Maury County is 35% higher than in 2014, and 32% higher than the state average. Tennessee is among the top 10 states for illegal drug use among persons age 12 and older.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Maury County works hard to combat these challenges for our community’s youth through daily impact programs under our “Healthy Lifestyles” priority outcome.

Components of our Healthy Lifestyles program include:

  • Education on nutrition and healthy habits
  • Ensuring that all Club members engage in at least 30 minutes of physical fitness at the Club each day
  • Healthy cooking classes (“Culinary Club”)
  • Using Tower Gardens to grow their own herbs and vegetables
  • Age-specific programs that teach students how to make smart choices and avoid drugs, alcohol, teen pregnancy, gangs, and other risky behaviors
  • Opioid abuse prevention programs
  • Physicals and dental/vision/health screenings by medical professionals offered free of charge at the Club through our community partners
  • Nutritional snacks provided each day, and full meals during spring/fall breaks and summer
  • Award-winning Mule Town Baseball program that has introduced hundreds of low-income, primarily minority youth to the game of baseball and created a positive community outlet in the previously under-utilized Fairview Park

Through the combination of these programs and the other wraparound services we provide, we are able to achieve positive outcomes for our kids.

Some of the outcomes achieved through our Healthy Lifestyles programs include:

  • 60% of Club members demonstrated increased knowledge of nutrition and healthy habits on a pre/post-test last school year
  • In 2013 we received the Program Excellence Award for having the top sports and recreation program in the state, out of over 75 other Clubs, for our Mule Town Baseball RBI (Reviving Baseball in the Inner Cities) program
  • Club Teens have tried new foods for the first time and learned to cook healthy recipes from scratch through the weekly Culinary Club
  • Club members are growing their own herbs and vegetables at the Club with their Tower Gardens